About Dr. Ho Sik Ying, Petula

Dr. Petula Ho is Associate Professor at the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, University of Hong Kong. Dr. Ho is one the few recognised experts in the relatively uncharted territory of gender and sexuality studies in Hong Kong and China. Dr. Ho's main research and teaching interests are in the area of homosexuality, gender and sexuality issues. Dr. Ho has published numerous papers in international leading journals in sexuality and gender studies, including Sex Roles: A Journal of Sex Research, Journal of Sex Research, Violence Against Women, Sexualities, Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work, and Women's Studies International Forum, making important contributions to the development of a dynamic theory of gender and sexuality in the international arena that will help problematize feminist theories and resist Western hegemonies through empirical case studies that make connections between discourses, cultural practices, political economy, and social change. She also uses documentary films to explore the integration of arts and scholarship.

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从2007年游学日本时跌伤手腕的意外中,何博士反思自己的学术与人生。藉拍摄纪录片,打破传统的知识生产模式,创新社会研究的方法,并借视像呈现与诠释女性情欲和渴望。2008年与莫颂灵成立二人女子录像创作组合 The Sik Ying HO & Jolene MOK Production,合作完成的作品收录在【香港廿二春:师奶列传】中。从22位香港中年女性的访问中,探讨中国女性身处的状况及自我发展的多元性。近作有【母女对对配】、【东都密语】、【山寨王子】。她期望能游走在艺术与学术间,在游泳和舞蹈的日常生活中,找寻创作的触觉,发现多姿多彩的人生。